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06.05.2011: "Kairos" Artwork enthüllt. (Sepultura)
Sepultura - Sepultura haben das Cover ihres kommenden Albums "Kairos" veröffentlicht. Dieses Mal kümmerte sich der Künstler Eric Sayers um das Artwork.
Sepultura veröffentlichen ihr zwölftes Album (gleichzeitig ihr Debüt für Nuclear Blast), "Kairos", am 24. Juni 2011. "Kairos" wurde erneut in den Trama Studios in São Paulo, Brasilien aufgenommen und wurde von Roy Z. produziert und gemischt. Das Mastering wurde von Maor Appelbaum erledigt!

"I started by researching „Kairos" for images and meaning as soon as the band gave me the title," so Sayers. "Kairos" is about time, the actions we take, and the positive or negative repercussions that follow. I knew the image would have wings. I also knew I would somehow need to represent time, but in a way that is timeless. Speaking with Andreas, he had an idea for a gel skull. I was uncertain how I would make that happen, but I did and it is unique. Actions and their repercussions are represented by the arms, transitioning from the strong healthy arm on top and the decrepit hand below. The background is made from a couple of photos I took on a recent trip to Morocco. They give the composition a mystical quality. It was an honor for me to work with SEPULTURA. I am a long-time fan of this legendary band."

Gitarrist Andreas Kisser fügt hinzu:
"We were very lucky choosing the artist to design the cover of "Kairos". His name's Erich Sayers and we met him backstage in a SEPULTURA concert in LA last January. He left us his card and when we checked his website, we got very impressed by his awesome work. I explained to him the concept of "Kairos" and he fastly captured what we wanted, sending us ideas in that same week. He's a very talented guy, who knew how to draw the concept of the album. The cover is different to all the other covers we did in the past but it's "old school" at the same time, like the album itself. We're very happy with the result".
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