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10.02.2005: '13' donnert am 21.03.2005 ins Haus (Six Feet Under)
Six Feet Under - '13' donnert am 21.03.2005 ins HausLt. Sänger Chris Barnes, soll der neue Silberling mehr in die "Old-School" Richtung tendieren.
die Tracklist liest sich wie folgt:
'Decomposition Of The Human Race'
'Somewhere In The Darkness'
'Rest In Pieces'
'Shadow Of The Reaper'
'The Poison Hand'
'This Suicide'
'The Art Of Headhunting'

Hier ein Statement von Obergrunzer Mr. Barnes zum neuen Output:
"It seems like it's more on the up-tempo side", singer Chris Barnes describes the frenzied affair. "I think it's a direct echo of where we were when we wrote it. We had just got off the road, three or four days before we went into the studio. We had no material written. I had an idea of approaching this album in a different way, writing and recording. We just went into the studio and wrote this thing. The aggressiveness and the tempo reflected our mindsets. We really tapped into our feelings and it set our pace. We've been putting out lots of releases and doing lots of touring. From studio to tour, studio to tour... everything. We've been on the wheel this past year. I didn't want to let the band relax after being on that. I wanted to use that energy that forward motion, and it really showed itself in the writing process and in the recording, which was really what I had an aim to do. We wanted to get a breath of fresh air in the writing process and hopefully that would stir things up a bit and make this album contain more stand-out songs. When you force yourself into a situation, you tend to absorb the energy and it definitely helps you; I think that was my motive on this one - for me and for the band."
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