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13.05.2003: Zum neuen Album (Moonspell)
MOONSPELL haben folgendes Statement zum nächsten Album auf ihrer Webseite gepostet:

"To cut a long story short, the name of our next album, as well as its complete tracklist, was fully revealed during the past week, due to an information leak from the US office of Century Media, which we could not, by any means, prevent or remediate.

"So to speak, we have been keeping the most of it to ourselves simply because the album is still not scheduled to a defined date, and also because some other important projects are gravitating around the record and its concept, depending on a discreet attitude regarding them.

"'The Antidote' took us long to be completed and to arrive to the shape it has now since we last touched its foundations and appearances in Finland, under a rigorous eight months Winter, breeding his last smokes. To talk about it, as it is a MOONSPELL album, is both premature and dangerous and we are not, yet, allowed to present you with any samples of it at this time.

"I can only say that your curiosity and interest is flattering and makes us proud, as it always have been. 'The Antidote' is the result of a powerful, genuine and spiritual work and what was documented on studio is exactly what we thought of, dreamt of and felt in, amplified by the soulful confluence that we had the fortune of having from all people and entities involved in the making of this poisonous record."
Moonspell im Internet
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