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07.10.2008: "Lusitanian Metal" als fettes DVD Package. (Moonspell)
Moonspell - Moonspell werden am 21.11.ihre fette "Lusitanian Metal" DVD veröffentlichen.

Hier die genauen Details:

DVD 1:

- Live At The City Of Ravens (Metalmania, Poland 2004)
- Touch Me In The Eyes (video compilation from Opium to I will see you in my dreams, including the never seen making of from Everything invaded)
- Century Media Years (Discography)
- Knoweldge (Graveyard impressions, exclusive and extensive interview with the band members shot in a Lisbon graveyard)

DVD 2:

Small Hours – The Early Days (1992-1994):

Live Rehearsal:

01. Serpent Angel
02. Wolves from the Fog
03. Ancient Winter Goddess

Moonspell 's First Show:

04. Intro
05. Goat on Fire
06. Wolves from the Fog
07. Hymn to Lucifer


08. Intro
09. Tenebrarum Oratorium Part 1
10. Goat on Fire
11. Vampiria

Strange Are the Ways of the Wolfhearted Tour (1995-1996)

Supporting NAPALM DEATH:

01. Erotic Alchemy
02. Ataegina
03. Trebaruna

Perverse Almost Religious (1996-1997):

Krakow 1996

01. A Poisoned Gift
02. ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
03. An Erotic Alchemy
04. Love Crimes

Dortmund 1996 (previously unseen):

05. Intro
06. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
07. Love Crimes
08. Vampiria
09. ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
10. An Erotic Alchemy
11. For a Taste of Eternity
12. Alma Mater

It's a Sin Tour (1997-1999):

Ermal 1999:

01. Let the Children Cum to Me...
02. Dekadance
03. EuroticA

The Butterfly Effect Tour (2000-2001):

Coliseu 2000:

01. I Am the Eternal Spectator
02. Can't Bee
03. Lustmord

Darkness and Hope Tour (2001-2003):

Release Party for "Darkness and Hope":

01. How We Became Fire
02. Ghostsong

Ermal 2002:

03. Angelizer
04. Mephisto
05. Firewalking

Spreading the Eclipse Tour (2003-2005):

With Full Force - 10th Anniversary:

01. In and Above Men
02. From Lowering Skies
03. Opium
04. A Walk on the Darkside
05. Nocturna
06. Southern Deathstyle

Istanbul 2004:

07. Alma Mater / Vampiria

Athens 2004:

08. The Antidote

Hard Club 2004:

12. I Will See You in My Dreams
13. Tenebrarum Oratorium Part 1

Tejo 2005:

14. Awake!
15. For a Taste of Eternity
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