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27.06.2007: Solostreifzug Dane´s nimmt erste Züge an (Nevermore)
Warrel Dane, (Ausnahme-) Sänger der Seattle- Powermetaller NEVERMORE, wird in Kürze ins Studio einkehren und sein erstes Soloalbum aufnehmen. Unterstützt wird er von Gitarrist Matt Wicklund (Ex-HIMSA) und Produzent Peter Wichers (Ex-SOILWORK-Gitarrist), erscheinen soll das Album Anfang 2008.

NEVERMORE frontman Warrel Dane has issued an update on his upcoming debut solo album, which is tentatively due in early 2008. Dane has written about eight tracks with former SOILWORK guitarist-turned-producer Peter Wichers and has also collaborated with ex-HIMSA guitarist Matt Wicklund on a few songs.

Stated Dane: "The recording will start pretty soon, but since I have NEVERMORE shows coming up in August Pete Peter Wichers can get this thing going and I'll end up doing vocals on my off time from NEVERMORE shows. Matt's songs are killer as well...I just have to take a step back sometimes and say to myself, 'Fuck, I'm lucky to get to jam with these killer songwriters.

"On another note, Jeff Loomis, NEVERMORE guitarist just gave me a new song to work on and it fucking crushes! Since all my solo songs have been pretty much finished for some time, I'm working hard on the new NEVERMORE stuff, and man, Jeff is kicking some major ass!"

In a September 2006 interview with Metal-Rules.com, Dane stated about the upcoming solo CD, "I've been working on it for like the last year off and on, just writing songs with Peter Wichers, and at some point we'll finish them then go in the studio . . . It doesn't sound like NEVERMORE, and I think, you know, if it did, there would't be much point in doing a side project. If it sounded like NEVERMORE I think it would be a little redundant . . . Of course it's metal! Kind of like metal-infused hard rock, I think. It's different and it's a chance for me to explore myself — explore myself in other ways! laughs Well, for me, and for Peter from SOILWORK as well, it was kind of a chance for us both to 'step outside the box,' because people expect a certain thing from both those bands and with this we don't have to fulfill any expectations. We can do whatever we want."

Dane stated a year ago that his solo debut would include an appearance by Warrel's former SANCTUARY (pre-NEVERMORE) bandmate Dave Budbill (currently in ZEROCREEP) on drums.

Quelle: Blabbermouth
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