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31.07.2008: Endlich alle Homevideos in einem DVD Package. (Anthrax)
Die drei kultigen Anthrax Homevideos, die der gengeigte 80er Thrasher bislang nur als VHS im Besitz hat, werden am 2. September exklusiv über die MVD Entertainment Group/Cherry Red. auf DVD veröffentlicht:
Anbei die offiziellen Pressetexte:

"Through Time P.O.V." (Details):

This DVD encapsulates the growth through years of a band that were always FANS of the music they have played. Through both the live and interview footage, most of which you've never seen before, (unless you were there!), it's evident that through time, Anthrax has held true to what they believe in — THE MUSIC. This also features six of the band's 10 UK hit singles. It's a rare archive for Anthrax fans everywhere!

"Oidivnikufesin N.F.V." (Details):

This DVD contains a full show from rock legends Anthrax, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon during their UK tour of 1987. This footage is from a 1988 VHS release — never released before on DVD. As one of the most popular bands of the 1980s thrash metal scene, ANTHRAX are notable for combining metal with rap and hardcore music early on. They have sold over 10 million albums worldwide and are classified as one of the big four of thrash metal alongside Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. Both the band and individual members have made many, many TV appearances across famous U.S. shows and in the UK they became well known partly for this legendary concert.

"Live Noize" (Details):

After ten years of playing the globe and millions of records sold New York's premier metal band Anthrax united with rappers Public Enemy for the first tour of its kind. Through this tour Anthrax broke down barriers which other acts wouldn't even undertake. It was the most exciting tour of their career, and this video is a documentation of just that. In the summer of 1991, ANTHRAX made musical history by collaborating with PUBLIC ENEMY on one of the most renowned singles of recent times. "Bring The Noise" captured rap, alternative and heavy metal radio. The success of that single prompted these two bands to become co-headliners in the "Bring The Noise" tour. The result was a groundbreaking bill that bought together diverse fans from different musical backgrounds. Filmed at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Southern California, "Live Noise" captures Anthrax 's performance during that tour. The show incorporates approximately one hour of live performance with back stage footage that includes PUBLIC ENEMY. The encore is an extended rockin' version of "Bring The Noise", metal and rap at last fusing into a seamless whole. Includes band interviews covering the early years of Anthrax. Quelle: Blabbermouth
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07.05.2010: Ist nun wieder Joey Belladonna am Drücker?
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14.08.2008: Neuer Live Clip online.
01.08.2008: Stress wegen ungeklärter DVD Veröffentlichung.
23.06.2008: Vielversprechende erste Nummern im Netz.
02.06.2008: Überrascht, enttäuscht und auch sauer!
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01.10.2004: The Greater of Two Evils CD kommt am 23.11.
14.04.2004: DVD ab 1.6.
26.03.2004: DVD-Cover veröffentlicht
05.03.2004: weitere Infos zu Frank Bello
05.03.2004: Frank Bello nicht mehr bei ANTHRAX
12.11.2003: Am Bang your Head
12.03.2003: Charts
18.10.2002: We´ve Come For You All!
30.09.2002: Konzert im Z7
29.08.2002: Metallischer Humor
22.07.2002: Im Labeldjungel gefangen
23.11.2001: ANTHRX ändern ihre Website
30.10.2001: ANTHRAX kommen in die Jay Leno Show
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