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10.10.2016: Fabio Leone und Alex Holzwarth sind raus! (Rhapsody Of Fire)
Rhapsody Of Fire - Fabio Leone und Alex Holzwarth sind raus!Rhapsody Of Fire haben einen unruhigen Herbst. Nach Fabio Lione hat nun auch Drummer Alex Holzwarth seinen Austritt aus der Band erklärt. Die Statements findet ihr unten:

"Dear fans,
We have to announce an important change within the band. After an amazing musical adventure together Fabio Lione and Rhapsody Of Fire have decided to part ways. This decision was not easy but we are convinced that it will open up new possibilities and new horizons for both parties. The music will go on. Rhapsody Of Fire will continue composing, producing and playing amazing music for their fans. To give us time to regroup, we had to cancel and postpone the European shows announced for November 2016. Finally, we would like to thank Fabio for being part of the Rhapsody Of Fire history and we wish him all the best with his future projects."


Statement Alex Holzwart:

"My dear RHAPSODY OF FIRE fans!

Some of you may know, I wanted to do something different since a long time and I feel the time is right to focus my energies on other projects. This means I won't be able to play with RHAPSODY OF FIRE anymore. My bandmates have known about this and they are supportive. I know it comes very soon after Fabio’s leaving but I feel that's the best moment to do it as the band is already working on the new line-up.
I wish the Band everything positive and best luck for their new chapter with a new singer and new drummer. There will be a fresh line-up for an exciting future. I really trust ROF for finding the most suitable musicians.
All the best to my RHAPSODY OF FIRE family, friends and fans."

See you on the road somewhere!
Alex Holzwarth"

Alex Staropoli:

"Hello everyone, I am addressing all the fans of RHAPSODY OF FIRE through this personal message. I know that the announcement of the separation with Fabio has left many of you very sad. I really understand that. This is for sure a big chapter of the band that ends but, most importantly, another exciting chapter is about to begin.
At this time, I would like to thank Fabio for his collaboration during those last 20 years.
Many would describe this situation as difficult. I rather believe that it is a new exciting challenge. With our latest studio album ‘Into The Legend’ we proved again to the world the huge impact that RHAPSODY OF FIRE can make in metal music.
We are now working to create a new line-up and consolidate it for the years to come. RHAPSODY OF FIRE are definitely alive and this change is an opportunity for us to create exciting music with a new distinct vocal identity."
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