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17.10.2014: Videoclip und Releaseinfos der Rückkehrer! (At The Gates)
Anbei der erste, "Death And The Labyrinth" getaufte, Clip zur anstehenden At The Gates Scheibe, die am 24. Oktober mit dem Titel "At War With Reality" via Century Media in gefühlt 2000 Versionen erscheinen wird (siehe Auflistung unten).

"At War With Reality" Tracklist:

1. El Altar Del Dios Desconocido
2. Death And The Labyrinth
3. At War With Reality
4. The Circular Ruins
5. Heroes And Tombs
6. The Conspiracy Of The Blind
7. Order From Chaos
8. The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)
9. The Head Of The Hydra
10. City Of Mirrors
11. Eater Of Gods
12. Upon Pillars Of Dust
13. The Night Eternal

AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas Lindberg:
"We had a very special idea about the kind of approach we wanted for the first video from “At War With Reality”. What we needed was someone gifted enough to throw himself artistically into the project full on. The lyrics to the song are very multi-layered and surreal, so we wanted someone to create a fevered dreamworld that went with the melancholic frustration and dramatic desperation that we feel comes across in the song. This is exactly what Patric has created for us. It's his vision of the music and lyrics, which compliments the track perfectly in my opinion. I couldn't be happier!"

“At War With Reality” is available in the following versions:

- Jewelcase CD (20 page booklet)
- Ltd. mediabook CD (40 page booklet; 2 bonus tracks; patch, CM Europe)
- Digipak CD (20 page booklet; 2 bonus tracks; patch, CM USA)
- Ltd. 3-disc artbook (48 page booklet; 4 bonus tracks; 5.1 surround mix DVD; patch) - limited to 3000 copies
- Cassette (limited to 500 copies worldwide)
- Digital download
- Ltd. 2x10" vinyl boxset (20 page booklet; poster) - limited to 1000 copies worldwide via CM Distro
- Gatefold 180gr. LP (20 page booklet; poster)

The 12" LP format will be available in the following colored vinyl editions:

- Black (unlimited)
- Transparent red (limited to 300 copies via CM Webshop EU)
- Dark green (limited to 500 copies via CM Distro EU)
- Clear (limited to 500 copies in Sweden)
- Lilac marble (limited to 100 copies via CM Distro USA) "sold out"
- Blue marble (limited to 200 copies via CM Distro USA) "sold out"
- Magenta marble (limited to 200 copies via CM Distro USA) "sold out"
- Ash grey marble (limited to 500 copies via CM Distro USA)
- Silver (limited to 400 copies in the USA)
- Gold (limited to 1500 copies in the USA)
- White (limited to 100 copies; exclusive 2015 MDF edition in the USA)
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