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12.02.2010: Album fast im Kasten. Message an Fans! (Blind Guardian)
Hansi Kürsch schickt erstmals, knapp vier Jahre seit dem letzten Album "A Twist In The Myth", ein update aus dem Blind Guardian Camp.
Dabei hat sich der Sänger viel Zeit genommen, die Anhänger seiner Band auf den aktuellen Stand zu bringen. Und der ist vor allem, dass das neunte Studio-Album fast fertig ist, mit Orchester-, Chor- und Flöten-Passagen durchaus anspruchsvoll werden dürfte und bisher weder ein Titel, noch ein Cover entworfen wurden.

Hier das komplette Update:

"I would like to tell you what is going in the GUARDIAN camp. We are progressing quickly! Even I, who is always last in line, can sense the end of the recording session is close at hand. Maybe another four weeks and we should be done with all recordings.

Apart from some minor guitar, bass, percussion, flutes and effect parts the time mainly will be used for vocals. I have to sing two more songs, which would be 'Curse my Name' and 'Song 12'. As some of you figured already this hardly will be the title of the song once vocals are finished, even though we have had a live album, which carries the provoking title 'Live'...

Back to 'Song 12'. After counting all songs (and I did that again and again) I finally figured we only have worked on eleven in total. Don't blame me, blame André. He has called it 'Song 12'. What can I do? Well, I do have two choices. I either call it 'Song 11' from today on or I keep it as it is. To create no further confusion I call it the 'Eleventh song which is called Song 12' for now. It is another nice one, to say that much.
To finish the 'still- to-do-list': We will end up recordings with some gigantic choir sessions, which will take some time to be completed. :-)
Anyway, the stuff so far turned out even better than expected. Keep in mind it is me saying that and I partly have been involved.

By now I assume it is no secret anymore that we twice have traveled to Prague during the last months for orchestral recordings. What can I say? It sounds brilliant. We have heavily used orchestration in 'Sacred' (yes, the song will be on the album in an even longer and certainly better version) and naturally for 'Wheel of Time' as well as in some other parts on the album.

As probably said before, this will be our most bombastic and epic album so far. Whether there will be 8 or 9 songs on the album I do not know, by now. But each and every song has a completely different approach in comparison to each other and one complements the other in a perfect way. Except probably for 'Song 5' and 'Song 10'. Or was it 'Song 10' and 'Song 8'? I can't remember. So it won't matter, right? September you will know what I mean. :-) We may show mercy and provide you with some small samples, before. If I don't forget.

What was I talking about?

As you may have noticed, we have finally started to establish our Facebook profile. For us it is the easiest way to provide you with current information in a constant mode. The page is now run by our webmasters who do have the privilege to get some first hand information directly from the studio while accompanying us or directly communicating with us via Skype (yes, I do know this modern tool, too). For us it is really impressive to see how many people have joined us within such a short amount of time. Thanks for supporting us. We, of course, still check the forum to see what is going on there.

As there were many questions about where and when we play which country on the next upcoming world tour, I can only say this much: The announced shows will only be the beginning of an extensive tour marathon. Our intention, for sure, will be to play all continents, again. I am very positive about a Northern American tour in late 2010. But nothing is yet confirmed.

As usual, you will find all necessary information with regard to tour dates once they are confirmed on the homepage.

As for our friends in these European countries where no shows are announced for 2010: Patience is a virtue! Do not worry we will come by in 2011. That's for sure. We, of course, will do everything possible to visit our friends in Asia, South America , Australia and Africa sometime in 2011 as well. But, unfortunately, you will have to wait for announcements a little longer, I suppose. It's just a matter of time, I promise.

As for the set list and the general live production, I can promise this much: we will perform a lot of stuff from the new album and we are working on some very spectacular visual effects. To be more precise: We have people working on visual effects. :-)

Album title and album cover? We worry when we get there..."
Quelle: Metal Hammer
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