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01.09.2009: Neues Thrashfutter auf myspace (Evile)
Evile - Neues Thrashfutter auf myspaceDie Insel Thrasher von haben einen Song ihres kommenden, zweiten Albums "Infected Nations" online gestellt. Auf der myspacesite der Kerle gibt es den Track "Nosophoros" zu Belauschen. Weiters stehen der Titeltrack, sowie "Now Demoltion" zum Reinhören bereit!

Gitarrist Ol Drake kommentiert die neueste Hörprobe wie folgt:
"The third and final track for you to preview "Infected Nations" is "Nosophoros"... It's strange (but cool) how the first 3 tracks of the album are a great summary of what the album has to offer, while still leaving a lot of variation and different dynamics still yet to be heard. We just got handed final copies of the album for the band, and I couldn't be happier with the layout and overall feel of the album. I for one have always been a fan of going to the store, buying an album, taking it home, reading through the lyrics, taking in everything to do with the album and sit through it from beginning to end taking it all in. I've loved doing that since I was young. Whenever I hear classic albums like Metallica's "...And Justice For All" I remember first buying it, taking in all the lyrics, artwork, the feel of it and I picture all of that whilst hearing it.

This is a big reason why I will never condone or be a fan of downloading music. You aren't getting the quality, or the album as the artists have intended it. If people want to preview an album before getting their wallet out, there is Myspace, hence why we're putting these 3 tracks up for you to sample the album.

Nosophoros was one of the earlier tracks written for "Infected Nations". It has a lot of crazy guitar work in it, and solos from here to next week. It's one of the more mental thrashers on the album, so get ready to voluntarily injure yourself when you hear this. Turn it up to the Evile volume! (...Which is anywhere above quiet)"

"Infected Nations" wird am 21. September 2009 via Earache Records erscheinen.

01. Infected Nation
02. Now Demolition
03. Nosophoros
04. Genocide
05. Plague To End All Plagues
06. Devoid Of Thought
07. Time No More
08. Metamorphosis
09. Hundred Wrathful Deities Quelle: Evile
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