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26.03.2009: Absage der Europatour. (Evergrey)
Evergrey - Absage der Europatour.Evergey haben die Europatour abgesagt und folgendes Statement veröffentlicht:

"This month is getting embarrassing, for us and the people who we work with.

"We are sorry to announce that for circumstances and reasons beyond our control, we are forced to cancel the scheduled Evergrey European tour in April. We would like to apologize to all the fans of both bands for the last-minute decision and promise to work on getting new dates set up as soon as possible.

It's always hard to let people down and both bands (Evergrey and support act Novembre) were extremely excited to play for all of their fans in Europe but sometimes things apparently don't go as planned. Which makes us in the band really frustrated and mad.
I hope all of you understand that we are a band — nothing more. This is what we live off and for, to play and tour, therefore we can promise that we are more sorry than anyone.

This might not ease the disappointment for some of you, but as said, it's out of our control and involves so much details that none of you would be wiser of knowing. As with the cancelled date in Atlanta, we promise to make up for it as soon as we can and get a chance.


We decided that we would just rent a fucking van and travel the in total 2500 km to at least play for some of you as all things surrounding these two shows are up to standard and still possible to do. Which the other ones aren't.

Apr. 04 - Biebob, BEL @ Vosselaar
Apr. 05 - Boerderij, NETH @ Zoetermeer

We understand that people might think that if they do those shows, they can do it all — unfortunately, that's not true. We would do it all in a van, if possible, but so many circumstances prevent us from it.

What can we say more than that we are sorry."

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