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06.04.2014: Best Of-Album `Black Death and Beyond` (Darkthrone)
Darkthrone - Best Of-Album `Black Death and Beyond`Am 12. Mai 2014 veröffentlichen PEACEVILLE ein spezielles DARKTHRONE Best-Of-Album. Dieses trägt den Titel "Black Death and Beyond" und wird nur ein Mal veröffentlicht (es wird also Re-Releases davon geben). Die Box kostet £39.99 und enthält ein 72seitiges, gebundenes Buch mit raren Bandfotos und Kommentaren; drei Schallplatten in schwarz, weiss und transparent; ein signiertes Zertifikat für alle Pre-Order und ein klassischer gewobener DARKTHRONE-Patch.

Fenriz erklärt die Songauswahl wie folgt:

"I never quit my day job; one of the reasons being that I can listen to music on headphones there all the time. To the extent that I rarely listen to music at home anymore, and if I do it´s like I can´t hear it PROPERLY. At work with headphones is where the details reveal themselves and also which songs I can and can´t use in compilations or dj´ing appear quite clearly.

Every time I get/buy a cassette or vinyl I have to transfer them to wav files via a computer programme, then I write a little note to accompany the final burnt disc. But the note first swings by my workplace where I can rate the various songs with a clever underlining-system called THE FENRIZOLATOR. And so passes the days.

Then came the idea to do a Darkthrone book and with it a vast box set. There was talk about 3 compilation discs, one with Death, one with Black and one with our other styles. So be it. But this time I took it upon myself do it PROPERLY. And to do that....well, I had to face my own rating system. Because I also use the F-OLATOR on regular CD´s, it took 3 whole days to rate all of our 16 full length albums. Certain discoveries were made, like the song I think is worst by Darkthrone is HANS SISTE VINTER (Scoring only 12 out of 60 points) and also that The Cult Is Alive is probably our best album – at least it´s the one with the highest grades consistently. But I digress. AGGRESSIVE DIGRESSOR!!! Lists were made, and I truly tried to be as honest and fair as possible, Ted was initially going to do this but I think he suddenly saw how monumental a task it would be, and ended up with - well, what you hold in your hands right now. My "BEST OF" trying to follow both my biased ratings, crystal logic and also personal favours and my fave Ted songs".
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