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25.07.2012: PEter spendiert endlich eine Live DVD. (Pain)
Gute Nachtrichten für alle Pain Fans, und jene, die Zeuge der geilen Tour zu "You Only Live Twice" wurden (zum Livereview). Die Band um Master Tägtgren wird eine Live DVD von der YOu Only Live Twisce Tour veröffentlichen:

"Great news for those of you who haven't had the chance to see PAIN live during the 'You Only Live Twice' tour that started in October 2011. We've recorded the whole final show of the first leg at Debaser Medis in Stockholm last November and parts of the show at the Masters Of Rock festival this July which will be released on a DVD later this year together with tons of crazy backstage and 'behind-the-scenes' material! Stay tuned for the release date!!! Also, we've been confirmed to once again support our friends in NIGHTWISH on their forthcoming 'Imaginaerum' U.K. Tour 2012! Four shows are booked in early November just before the start of 'Into Darkness 2012' that we do together with MOONSPELL, SWALLOW THE SUN, LAKE OF TEARS, and SCAR OF THE SUN. See you on the road!"

Wie bereits gelesen: Wer Pain noch nich live gesehen hat, der hat im Herbst die Chance bei der fetten Into Darkness Tour mit Moonspell und Lake Of Tears...

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