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05.12.2009: Neues Gemetzel auf 5-track-EP! (Aborted)
Aborted - Neues Gemetzel auf 5-track-EP!Die Death Metal Metzger Aborted präsentieren ihr neues Line-Up: Gründungsmitglied Sänger Sven De Caluwe (auch System Divide) bleibt weiterhin der kranke Kopf der Band, tatkräftige Unterstützung erhält er ab sofort von Drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork), den Gitarristen Eran Segal (ex-They Swarm/Whorecore) und Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) sowie Bassist Cole Martinez (System Divide).

In dieser Besetzung arbeitete die Band bereits in den vergangenen Monaten an neuem Material und nahm die 5-Track EP "Coronary Reconstruction" auf. Die EP wird Ende des Jahres digital über Century Media und als auf 1.000 Stück limitierte CD über die Band selbst veröffentlicht und exklusiv via Indiemerch vertrieben.
Coronary Reconstruction wird 4 brandneue Stücke enthalten, die das Potential der neuen Besetzung eindrucksvoll demonstrieren und wesentlich goriger und brutaler klingen als zuletzt. Abgerundet wird das Ganze mit einer grandiosen Version des Entombed Klassikers "Left Hand Path".

"Coronary Reconstruction" track-listing:

1. Coronary Reconstruction
2. From A Tepid Whiff
3. Grime
4. A Cadaverous Dissertation
5. Left Hand Path (Entombed-cover)

Anbei die Original-Kommentare der Bandmitglieder:

De Caluwe:
"It has been quite a ride so far with ABORTED, the band always had to deal with numerous of line-up changes and this time it is no different. Previous drummer Dan left to play for Trigger The Bloodshed and bass player Svenchi left to focus on his recording studio he just opened. After a tough year with major differences in how the band should evolve musically, and the touring plans of the band, I decided working with Peter and BST would simply not work and move along with new people who are thinking in the same direction and are motivated to lift this band up.

I still do this band for fun and it is intended to be intense, and a hobby to me, and I do not have expectations to make a living solely from playing death metal as I am realistic that touring 10 months a year with a band like ABORTED is simply a financial hazard.
Everyone in the new line-up is aware of this and have been personal friends of mine for nearly a decade. The material we have excreted is simply shredding and brain melting and takes the band back to the “Goremageddon” and Archaic era with some new twists, which is exactly what I wanted to do.
I could not be more thrilled to welcome Dirk again in the band, who had a big part in the signature sound of “Goremageddon”. It has been a blast to work back together on what I think is without a doubt the most exciting ABORTED release since “The Archaic Abattoir”. Everyone in the band poured heart and soul into the material and you will undoubtedly hear it, THE GORE IS BACK MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!"

Dirk Verbeuren:
"Let me start off by saying that I had a total blast recording drums for the “Goremageddon” album and “The Haematobic” EP back in 2003/2004. Hanging out with those guys was tons of fun and a memorable experience. As for the musical results, they remain some of my favorite death metal ever - and the fact that the band hails from Belgium just like myself only makes it better! Sven and I stayed in touch over the years, and many of you may not know this, but during a common gig with Scarve somewhere in France, then-Aborted drummer Gilles and I actually traded places for a live rendition of “Sanguine Verses”! (In turn, Gilles performed an Entombed cover with Scarve). A total blast yet again, and in my mind also my swansong with ABORTED...
…fast forward to October 2009. A common friend tells me the band may be looking for a drummer to help them out on an upcoming recording, so I drop Sven an email.
Turns out half the new line-up lives right by my house, and just over a month later, here I am yet again tracking drums for a brand new batch of face-ripping death metal the way it was meant to be made!
I know it may sound cliché, but the „Coronary Reconstruction” EP is a true return to form. It has the reckless speed, intensity and creativity (plus another classic Entombed cover!) that ABORTED became known for in the first place, as well as horrifying artwork and odious poetry such as only Sven’s insane brain could conjure. I’m very proud and happy to be a part of this extremely talented line-up and I know we’re gonna deliver the gory goods on the upcoming album, which I promise WILL be 100% pure brutal ABORTED! ALL HAIL BELGIAN DEATH METAL!!!"

Ken Sorceron:
"I'm very pleased to have joined forces with ABORTED as I have long thought of them as one of the best at what they do. I think we are all very dedicated to deliver some of the most brutal ABORTED material yet while staying true to the classic ABORTED sound."

Eran Segal:
"Having the opportunity to join ABORTED has been one hell of an honor for me. I have been a fan of the band ever since “Engineering The Dead” and still loved it even after getting to know Sven around 2002 (I know, weird right?). So in a way I feel like Chris Cole when he joined Steel Dragon. So far the work with the band has been flat out wicked. Everybody was being extremely professional and creative which isn't surprising when you look at their impressive credentials. Our aim was to revisit the bands earlier brutality while keeping the modern approach presented in its latter era, and if I may say so myself I do believe we hit the target dead on. I'm totally stoked about all of this and can’t wait to hit the road."

Justin Osbourn / Slasher Design schuf das derbe Artwork von "Coronary Reconstruction". Audio Samples werden demnächst auf einer neu designten MySpace Seite der Band gepostet.
Im April/Mai 2010 werden Aborted wieder in ganz Europa unterwegs sein, denn Avocado Booking arbeiten bereits an einer ausgiebigen Tour. Mehr Infos werden schon bald exhumiert…
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