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03.06.2010: Scott Columbus verläßt die Band. (Manowar)
In einem Interview mit dem ClassicRockMagazine hat Manowar Drummer Scot Columus verlautet, dass er nicht mehr zu Manowar gehört. Der Split soll bereits im April vollzogen worden sein.
Musikalische und persönliche Differenzen führten zum Split, das Originalinterview seht ihr unten:

Classicrockmagazine.com Interview:

Classic Rock: You've recently issued a press release announcing you are playing some dates with former MANOWAR guitarist Ross The Boss.

Scott Columbus: Ross and I have been in pretty close contact over the years and recently over the past year we've been talking about playing together again. Talk turned into reality and we're playing a bunch of shows over the summer in Europe and the United States and we're going to have a good time.

Classic Rock: Where does this leave your current status in MANOWAR?

Scott Columbus: My current status is… (pause) Well, if you look at their website my picture is still up there, I don't know why. I'm not currently in the band MANOWAR anymore.

Classic Rock: When did the split occur?

Scott Columbus: I'd say it was about April 2008. When Mr. DeMaio Joey DeMaio, MANOWAR bassist/mainman and myself agreed to disagree on a few points of interest. That leads us up to today. You know what? I had a long and wonderful career with MANOWAR; I have no regrets, it's just life moves on.

Classic Rock: Would you classify the reasons for the split personal, financial or musical?

Scott Columbus: Yes...laughs. My answer is yes to all of the above.

Classic Rock: MANOWAR has stated that you are still in the band and just taking time off for personal tragedies. What is your take on that?

Scott Columbus: Well, you can refer to a few questions ago when I agreed to disagree with Mr. DeMaio. In other words, maybe that's a question he will answer if you ask him. I am not in the band. Period. There you go.

Classic Rock: You left the band for a period in the early '90s and MANOWAR contributed the time away to your son's health problems. Was this the case?

Scott Columbus: It was the very end of 1989 leading into 1990. I was officially gone in 1990, the first time. I can just tell you and the world that my son was never sick. So you can deduce from that what you may. However, that's what I'll tell you concerning the official statement.

Classic Rock: Have you had any contact with the band since your departure in April of 2008?

Scott Columbus: Yes, I speak quite often with the singer (Eric Adams) who is a dear, dear friend of mine. He and I hung out on the road all the time for many years, so I speak to Eric all the time. Joey I speak to periodically. Some of the ancillary people I speak with because we've always had a great relationship, so why let something professional interrupt something personal. I tend to make friends for life. Once people get to know me they realize I wear my heart on my sleeve, there's no bullshit about me. I can do a lot of things very well but one thing I really suck at is lying.
Quelle: Rock Hard
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