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06.02.2007: New Staff (Six Feet Under)
A brand new SIX FEET UNDER track, entitled "Doomsday", is available for download at this location. The song comes off the group's new album, "Commandment", due on April 20 via Metal Blade Records in Europe. The track listing is as follows:
01. Doomsday
02. Thou Shall Kill
03. Zombie Executioner
04. The Edge Of The Hatchet
05. Bled To Death
06. Resurrection Of The Rotten
07. As The Blade Turns
08. The Evil Eye
09. In A Vacant Grave
10. Ghosts Of The Undead

In a recent interview with Mark Carras of RockMyMonkey.com, SIX FEET UNDER bassist Terry Butler stated about the upcoming CD, "I would say, if I had to describe the new style, it would be 'Maximum Violence' meets 'Haunted'. . . I'm really psyched about it. I really liked it. We had a good writing experience. We wrote all the music in the studio and it just flowed through. It's pretty upbeat the whole time, but there's some really catchy, groovy riffs. I think SFU fans are going to like it a lot, especially some of the older, the people who've been around for a long time listening to us, it will satisfy them. The last couple records we've kind of, I don't want to say gotten off our style, but we've always tried to be a little bit different. We didn't want to always just put ten records that sounded like 'Haunted'. So we just kind of, I don't want to say experimented, but we just kind of messed around a little bit, certain styles, but I think this is kind of back to what our fans would expect."
Check out the entire interview in text and MP3 format at www.rockmymonkey.com.
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