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25.04.2010: US Metaller trennen sich von Sänger Bruce Hall. (Agent Steel)
Nach 12 Jahren trennen sich die US Metaller Agent Steel von ihrem Sänger Bruce Hall.
Dieser hat folgendes Statement dazu verfasst:

"I am no longer in AGENT STEEL. After 12 years we've decided to part ways.

I'm sure for the people who know us very well this comes as little surprise. I complain a lot and I've pretty much lost my stamina for bothering with anything new as far as AGENT STEEL goes. Sadly, the continual walk in John's Cyriis (former AGENT STEEL vocalist) shoes has entirely drained my passion for doing anything other than treating AGENT STEEL as a cover band. Y'know, go out, play the first two albums for a free trip to wherever the fuck and call it a swell hobby? Well, that wasn't going to work for anyone in the band but me. They still have the fire and desire to continue making new music with AGENT STEEL and I wish them the very best of luck with whomever they get to fill John's shoes. Maybe it'll be John himself and wouldn't that be awesome? I am still a fan of AGENT STEEL, after all, and I'd love to see that.

To everyone in the band and Chuck and Karlos , sorry for being such an asshole enough of the time for you guys to get sick of me. We've had a ton of fun together and I hope you'll remember the good stuff more than the bad as time wears on.

Being in AGENT STEEL for the last decade plus has absolutely been more fun than not and I appreciate the time we spent together and the music we made. I also am glad to have had the cool old songs to sing as well, whether the audience liked the way I sang them or not.

Being in a band, particularly one with such an identity prior to your involvement, is a definite challenge and it's one I fulfilled as well as I could. 12 years, three albums, traveling to anyplace that would have us...It's been great.

I hope the best for all of you.

To our supporters around the world, particularly those who embraced me as the frontman for a band you've loved since you were a little kid, I'm very happy to have met you, shared a beer or a conversation, or to have simply (hopefully) entertained you and made you bang your head to some kickass speed metal. It's been a pleasure."

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