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09.12.2009: Offizielles Statement zum Sängerwechsel (Vicious Rumors)
Vicious Rumors - Offizielles Statement zum SängerwechselDie Power Metal Legende Vicious Rumors hat folgendes Statement zum Sängerwechsel und der Verfplichtung von Brian Allen veröffentlicht:

"On Thursday, December 3, Ronnie Stixx (vocals) was officially let go from Vicious Rumors.

After working together for two years, the band felt he was not the right vocalist to record the new CD. Brian Allen from the group LaAst Empire has been confirmed to assume the lead vocal position for Vicious Rumors at their December 19, 2009 show, sponsored by Sfarzo Strings, at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa with headliner Death Angel and opener Seeds Of HAte.
We worked with Brian for a few days and he] is AMAZING! Our plan is to work with Brian for our show December 19th, and in the studio for the pre-production work for our new CD.
We have had many interested singers approach us and hope to make our final decision for the lineup and new CD this January.

Vicious Rumors will be back with a monster new CD and world tour in 2010 and would like to thank their fans and friends for their 30 years of support!"

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