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30.10.2009: Alle Infos zum Gratis Album! (Gama Bomb)
Gama Bomb - Alle Infos zum Gratis Album!Ab dem 5. November 2009 gibt es unter Earache.com/GamaBomb
das neue Thrash Gewitter von Gama Bomb und zwar GRATIS!
"Tales from the Grave in Space" wird mit Artwork zum Download parat stehen. Entworfen hat das Kunstwerk übrigens Jeff Jordan von The Mars Volta und Gama Bomb Frontman Philly Byrne erklärt uns das Konzept:

"The cover of Tales from the Grave in Space has a backstory to it, which sort of sprung into my mind one night. It's inspired by this semi-conspiracy theory about what are called the Lost Cosmonauts, real-life experimental space pilots sent up secretly by the USSR in the 1950s and early '60s.

Two brothers in northern Italy had an amateur spacecraft tracking station and picked up some of the earliest signals from the space race. In 1960, they reportedly heard a faint SOS signal moving away from the Earth into space. It's been speculated that a man was sent up by the USSR in a converted R-5A rocket and instead of crash-landing back to earth, he just kept going.
That's where the (wobbly) facts end, but it really sparked my imagination. If it's true, that means this year he's the first human to cross the boundary of our solar system into interstellar space. He's perfectly frozen, all alone, shooting at 18,000 miles per hour into deep space. It made me think: doesn't his distance from Earth mean he's the most likely object, if any, to be found by another race, or civilisation, or presence, or something?
So I spun this whole alien-Cosmonaut story from it. The cover of the album shows this lost cosmonaut, attached by living tentacles to this vast, abstract piece of masonry in space - it's The Grave of the title, designed by Jeff Jordan. It's a sort of 'Doctor Who-meets-Arthur C. Clark' thing, an alien object that absorbs whatever it encounters. So it's got our Cosmonaut, it's sustaining him and sort of keeping him alive - but what would it learn from him, and what could he tell it?

Well, for a start, he'd tell it where Earth is, and that Soviet supermen should rule the world, and maybe they should head back there together and make it happen. Now that's scary. Luckily when I brought this idea to the rest of the lads, they thought it was cool and summed up the buzz of the title and songs well, and didn't call me a lunatic!"

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