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09.07.2016: Neues Material aus der Blütezeit. Video online! (Cradle Of Filth)
"Dusk And Her Embrace" war einer "der" Cradle Of Filth Meilensteine. 20 Jahre später veröffentlichen die Briten nund "DUSK… AND HER EMBRACE – THE ORIGINAL SIN". Das Artwork und ein fetter Lyric-Clip stehen heute schon parat. Den Rest erklärt Dani Filth :

"Today marks the release of 'Dusk... And Her Embrace - The Original Sin', a veritable dark window into the past, which has sat in obscurity for a little over twenty years. This is the original recording of 'Dusk..' which was shelved when the band fractured in two, before regrouping with new members and taking the world by the throat in 1996 with 'V Empire' and the actual 'Dusk... And Her Embrace' everyone has come to love or loathe.

I am very excited that fans are able to finally hear this first incarnation, which is a tad more underground, savage and grittier than it's replacement, whilst losing none of it's initial phantasmagoria.

For with a second chance at recording most of these songs, the sound became that much more polished (the track list is only slightly different, favouring 'Nocturnal Supremacy' rather than the newer line-up recording of 'Malice Through The Looking Glass'); though I think this original version not only serves to demonstrate a raucous forerunner of that classic album, but a fledgling Cradle Of Filth who'd just toured with the likes of Emperor and Dissection, and were hungrily aware of their position in the second wave of Black Metal.

Thus 'Dusk... And Her Embrace - The Original Sin' is a time capsule from the mid-nineties, serving furthermore to demon-strate the importance of this magical era on the extreme music scene as a whole. So throw wide the curtains to the moonlit sky, pour yourself something deliciously toxic and enjoy this nostalgic, symphonic, blasphemous blast-from-the-past.

It's not often great secrets are kept for so long undiscovered.
Your fiend, Dani Filth."

Cradle Of Filth im Internet
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