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21.10.2013: Nächstes feines Metal-Meeting im Park-Inn, Hall. (Darkscene)
Am 7. Dezember ist wieder Zeit, für ein hochwertiges Underground-Metal package im Park-Inn, Hall in Tirol.

Unsere Alpine Steel Kumpanen haben ein feines Packet um die italienischen female-fronted old school Warlock-Erben von Sign Of The Jackal, deren Landsleute Hell Theater, die Deutschen Thrasher Red To Grey und unsere Lokalmatadoren Triumphant geschnürt.

Anbei der offizielle Pressetext in english:

Imagine the moon over snowcovered mountains in a jetblack, icecold winter night - a night of a winter demon storm! Alpine Steel proudly presents a night full of demonic metal with

This local die-hard maniacs - formerly devastating the stages of our homelands under the monicker Manic Disease - will swing their demonic whip once again with their new line-up and hit you with very unique old school black thrash, best compared with the old south american heroes. Leather, spikes and a headbanging inferno all the way through!

Red To Grey
from Munich are haunting the scene for a long time and with their new singer Gaby they sound stronger than ever. Finest Female fronted 80ies Thrash with progressive elements and tons of power. These guys will definitely deliver some high class whiplash for all who love their metal old school but also melodic and technical as hell!

Hell Theater
Hailing from Venice this unholy horde will deliver a great show with face-paintings, skulls, candles and a frontman slightly reminding on King Diamond. For all who love Attic, Heathendom, Portal, In Solitude, Hell and Meryful Fate/King Diamond this is a show not to be missed. Their complex and technical music matches perfect with the impressive show they put on.

Sign Of The Jackal
Great female fronted 80ies Metal from italy. All who witnessed their last show know what to expect. We are very happy, that we could book Sign Of The Jackal again, since they - although definitely a cult band - dont play very often. They will play quite a few songs from their latest album and expect also some surprises.

So please "come to the sabbath" on this unholy winter evening on saturday, 7th of december in Hall, Park-In. Show starts 20.00, doors 19.30.
Ticketprice: 12 EUR at the door, no pre-sale.
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