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04.02.2009: Britische AOR Götter mit neuem Werk. (Magnum)
Magnum - Britische AOR Götter mit neuem Werk.Die britischen AOR Götter Band Magnum schmeicheln am 15.Juni 2009 ihr neues Eisen "Into the Valley of the Moon King" in die Läden. Die Tracklist der "Prinec Alice And The Broken Arrow" (Review) Nachfolgers liest sich so:

01. Take Me to the Edge
02. Blood On Your Barbed Wire Thorns
03. Feels Like Treason
04. The Moonking
05. A Face In The Crowd
06. In My Minds Eye
07. Time To Cross That River
08. All My Bridges
09. No One Knows His Name
10. If I Ever Lose My Mind

"With Jimmy Copley being unavailable due to recording & touring commitments as well as promoting his own solo album we welcome back the return of the one and only Mr Harry James who has "Thundered" his way on drums for this album.
Working in the studio alongside Tony who has produced the album has been Sheena Sear who has expertly engineered her first Magnum album. Once again Rodney Matthews will be working on the album artwork and having been fortunate enough to have seen a "work in progress" pencil sketch of what it will look like the finished sleeve will be something to look forward to.
2009 will see the band back on the road to support the release of the album and touring plans are currently being worked on.

Tony, Bob, Mark, Al, Harry."

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