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22.04.2008: Album Nr. 3 fertig (Volbeat)
Aus dem neuesten Volbeat-myspace-blog:

"VOLBEAT has finished the work for thier coming album " Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood" in Jacob Hansen studio, which will be released in september 2008. There will be 13 songs on the album, where around 7 songs is bonded together in some kind og concept with the cover and art work. This time there will be a cover song of Hank williams "I'm so lonesome I could cry", which also Elvis sang. There will also be a guest vocalist on one song called "Mary Ann's place" which continues the story of " Danny & Lucy " "Fire song" Mr and Mrs Ness" from the old albums . Who the guest singer is ,will be revealed later. On the Danish limited version there will be a cover song of SOCIAL DISTORTION "Makin Belive" (which actualy is a kitty wells song, but the version is inspired by the SOCIAL D version). The other songs titles will be revealed later on with the front cover.

Michael Poulsen: This is without no doubt the strongest songs we ever wrote, well untill we release album nr 4, ha ha.

Hey what else are we supposed to say ?, but hey WE MEAN IT. There will be different kind of surprises on the album, but we still sound 100% like VOLBEAT. Producer Jacob Hansen did a great job again, and also did some backing vocals on some of the songs. As always we don't try to brand ourself in one special music style, you can hear all our inspiartions from different kind of music such as Punk Rock, Heavy Rock, Country, Metal, Rock..N....Roll, Pop Rock, Blues, Gospel, Garage and bla bla bla :-) . We can't wait to get on the road and play the new songs for you all. We thank our Listeners and fans once again for your support and inspiration. See ya on the road very soon." Quelle: www.myspace.com
Volbeat im Internet
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