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05.03.2007: "Domino Effekt" - Knalleffekt!!! (Gotthard)
Gotthard - Die Schweizer Rock Götter GOTTHARD stehen mit ihrem neuen und sehr knackigen Meisterwerk "Domino Day" vor der Tür und - so viel kann ich nach dem ersten Einverleib des Teiles durchaus vorweg nehmen: Die Scheibe ist mit 15 absoluten Hits versehen und der 27.4.07 wird ein Festtag für alle Hard Rock Fans dieses Planeten!

Anbei der offizielle Pressetext:

"Domino Effect" – A triumph of variety, of rock music and of innovation!
The music business resembles a game of dominoes: First you need a large portion of tenacity and determination in order to find any measure of success.
Gotthard have long understood these rules and they play rock’n’roll as if it was child’s play
Motivated by this feeling, all the songs for “Domino Effect” came into existence in just 6 weeks. “We were and still are on a run,” the bassist Mark Lynn explained happily. “And we have a conviction that we’re showing not only where we stand but also where we want to go.”

Forr more than 15 years this tried-and-tested team (no line-up changes in the original band) has set one milestone after another and for this reason has become the most successful Swiss band for many years (ten number one albums, a diamond award for 1 million albums sold, three triple platinum, four double platinum, four platinum, one golden single).
But still the guys have not reached their limits.

Put together in the old traditional style in the band’s own studio in Lugano under the management of Leo Leoni working with Ronald Prent (responsible for stars ranging from Rammstein to Herbert Groenemeyer), and completed in the Belgian Galaxy Studios, “Domino Effect” is constructed to cause a chain reaction.

Songs like the expected hit “Falling”, the explosively pounding “Domino Effect”, the elegant and hugely atmospheric ballad “The Call”, the groovy “We Come Alive” or the smooth get-under-your-skin “Where is Love when it’s Gone?” leave nothing more to wish for.

Be warned: on April 27th 2007, when you hear the ultimate “Domino Effect”, expect to be astounded and absolutely amazed. Gotthard have enormous fun playing and much more than the necessary musical talent to produce a powerful dynamic effect. Let the game begin!

Quelle: Nuclear Blast!
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