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27.09.2012: Neuerlich Sängerwechsel bei den Thrashern. (Artillery)
Artillery - Neuerlich Sängerwechsel bei den Thrashern.Artillery haben wieder mal eine Austausch am Sängerposten bekannt zu geben. Sänger Søren Adamsen hat die Band verlassen, die folgendes offizielles Statement auf Facebook veröffentlicht hat:

"Singer Søren Adamsen has decided to leave Artillery for personal reasons. We would like to say thanks for the last 5 years and wish him good luck in the future!

The new singer will be Michael Bastholm Dahl. Michael has already played two successful gigs with Artillery in Denmark.
Michael sings and performs with a lot of attitude and really likes the Artillery thrashing style. He will contribute with his own style, but he can sing the classic Artillery songs very close to the original singer and also deliver the hard hitting vocals like Søren did! Just listen to the classic song 'The Almighty' with Michael Bastholm Dahl on vocals, the first song he ever did with Artillery. The song is recorded at Medley studio with producer Søren Andersen."

Neo-Fronter Michael:
"One thing I do know - I have been given the opportunity to join the most hard-hitting legendary thrash metal band of all time out of Denmark, which means, I'm going to go out and be the most frantic and hard singing vocalist I can be! And, following the renowned singers prior to me in Artillerys history, it's both a daunting and exciting challenge! I can't freakin' wait to go out and give it 100% together with the guys in Artillery!"

ARTILLERY haben soeben auch angefangen an neuen Songs zu arbeiten, und wollen diese im Februar aufnehmen.
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