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02.04.2014: Benefiz-Song und neue EP. (Napalm Death)
Napalm Death - Benefiz-Song und neue EP.Nach dem erfolgreichen Abschluß iher aktuellsten Europatour, inklusive Shows mit Hatebreed und The Exploited, können die Grindcorepioniere Napalm Death nun mit Stolz zwei sehr spezielle nächste Projekte ankündigen. Zuallererst veröffentlichen Napalm Death einen sehr speziellen Coversong von "To Go Off And Things" von der Band Cardiacs über ihre Bandcamp-Seite für einen guten Zweck.

Bassist Shane Embury kommentiert die Aktion wie folgt:
"Since I was blessed with being introduced to Cardiacs way back in 1986 they have been one of my favorite bands of all time! Getting to meet and become friends with Tim Smith, the musical genius behind it all, over the years was an added bonus. Tim always struck me as a person with a massive heart, who had a very pure and innocent view of the world in which we live in - something i totally related to, as the world can be a dark place - he radiated happiness. We shared many fun and elaborate conversations after Cardiacs shows in the early 90's and I loved every minute of every conversation with him. I could go on and on for hours about how amazing his music is and the immense influence it has had on my life but suffice to say this cover of "To Go Off And Things" that we have recorded is in tribute to the brilliance that is Tim Smith - it is the least we can do for a man who has given us so much.
Tim has unfortunately been severely unwell for a few years now and we hope with this recording made available to everyone for download on our bandcamp site for only £1 (you can pay more if your heart so desires!) we can help raise some money to go towards Tim's rehabilitation! We hope you like our version of the song and find it in your heart to donate something towards such a worthy cause...Thanks for taking the time to read this."

Um diesen Anlass zu unterstützen und den Coversong zu erwerben bzw. zu spenden (Kostenfaktor: 1 Britscher Pfund oder einen höheren Betrag eurer Wahl!) geht auf: http://napalm-death.bandcamp.com

Eine weitere Neuigkeit ist, dass Napalm Death eine limitierte und exklusive 12” EP mit dem Titel "Our Pain Is Their Power" ankündigen, welche zum Anlass ihres sehr besonderen Auftritts auf dem Roadburn Festival am 10. April erscheinen wird. Hier folgt die erläuternde Presseveröffentlichung vom Roadburn Festival dazu:

"The Roadburn only vinyl releases have become a tradition over the last few years. Proceedings started in 2012 with the Voivod – Live At Roadburn 2011 LP and the Ulver Roadburn EP, followed last year by Dread Sovereign’s 'Pray To The Devil In Man' EP and the Godflesh live Streetcleaner set. This year is no exception, and we once more present a special release for you: In conjunction with the special live set concentrating on the slower, painful, dirgy elements of NAPALM DEATH at this year’s festival, we will release NAPALM DEATH’s “Our Pain Is Their Power” EP to commemorate their appearance at Roadburn 2014 on Thursday, April 10th.

NAPALM DEATH’s “Our Pain Is Their Power” EP collects those slower tracks that drip with sonic anguish from the last few albums onto one EP in a one-time run of 500 copies, to be sold at the Roadburn Festival 2014."

Die Trackliste der EP sieht folgendermaßen aus:

Side A:
1. Persona Non Grata
2. Smear Campaign
3. Atheist Runt

Side B:
1. Morale
2. Our Pain Is Their Power
3. Weltschmerz (Extended Apocalyptic Power)
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