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07.02.2012: Kory Clarke zeigt Erfolglosigkeit den Rücken. (Trouble)
Trouble - Kory Clarke zeigt Erfolglosigkeit den Rücken.Warrior Soul Kreativkopf und Neo- Fronter Kory Clark hat nach vier Jahren ohne echte Tourneen und ohne Plattendeal die Nase voll von seinem Engagement bei unsren Redaktionslieblingen von Trouble. Gemeinsam mit Gitarrist Russ Strahan (Pentagram, Land Of Doom) arbeitet er scheinbar bereits an einem neuen Projekt namens The Bones Of Children. Das Debütalbum soll noch heuer im Herbst veröffentlicht werden.

Kory Clark:
"This metal album will be high energy, with a fresh artistic approach to the genre without the limitations of the over-50-something religious crowd," Kory laughs. "It will be so nice to be working without the shackles that a previous singer has left behind of a band that is over 30 years old and acts and sounds like it. I like to do progressive, pushing-the-boundary lyrics in an individualistic style. I don't want to sound like Ozzy, like TROUBLE's old singer Eric Wagner tried to do. I am also glad when I look to my left on stage from now on I will not be seeing 'Derek Smalls' in my peripheral vision.
I just cannot play with people who are fundamentalist Christians, or too family-oriented to the point that they can't tour, do records or knock down a few margaritas with me at the bar. This is rock 'n' roll, guys, not the Family Channel."

Trouble Gitarrist uRick Wartell über den Austieg von Clark:
"Kory is an incredibly talented and dynamic singer. He's a great addition to the band as he brings a high level of professionalism, which has positively affected the creative process. Working in a no-limitation environment is great."$
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