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26.01.2012: Alle News zum neuen Glam Happen "Riot Avenue". (Crazy Lixx)
Crazy Lixx - Alle News zum neuen Glam Happen Endlich Neuigkeiten aus dem Hause der schwedischen Glam Könner Crazy Lixx. Die Jungs haben uns heute folgende Meldung über das neue Album "Riot Avenue" zukommen lassen:

"Today our third album, RIOT AVENUE will be mastered and done! We can't wait to play these new tunes for you live, Song titles like “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” “Young Blood,” “Riot Avenue,” “In The Night,” “Be Gone,” “Only the Dead Know”"

Edd & Andy:
"There's a lot of fast songs, raw riffs with twin guitars on this album. Early aerosmith or guns' really inspired us with this, so it's very different from the other Lixx records, Much more live sounding and organic but.. we feel real good about it.
We recorded and produced the album ourselves and also mixed it ourselves together with 'Robert 'Robban' Ahrling, he really helped us gettin' what we wanted, a key person in this recording, also Vic Zino of hardcore superstar helped us allot, especially me and edd with the guitarsound, really made them bleed, and last, Jocke & co' at Sandstöms, couldn't have done this record without them.
We started working with producer Chris Laney but our visions were different for how this record was gonna be. We had a great time working together earlie in the process but we had to part ways because although Laney's sound was good we felt that it wasn't right this time, we respect each other in this decision."

Danny Rexon:
"This time the music is a little more riff-based and straight-forward. We wanted a more raw feeling in the production, sound and songwriting compared to our previous albums and there's a lot more up-tempo songs than we had on New Religion.+
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