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26.02.2010: Neues Album komplett im Netz (Airbourne)
Airbourne - Neues Album komplett im NetzRoadrunner hat alle Songs des neuen Albums ihrer australischen Schützlinge komplett als Stream auf ihrer Homepage online gestellt.

There’s No Way But The Hard Way for Australia’s own Airbourne as they prepare for the release of their sophomore high energy, whiskey-soaked ‘No Guts. No Glory.’ album on Friday March 5.

No Guts. No Glory was recorded in Chicago with noted producer Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Staind). The band relocated from their shared home in Warrnambool Victoria and moved into K’s spacious studio to record the album.
Frontman Joel O’Keefe says, “Working with Johnny K was great, he's one of the boys. We basically just set up all the gear, chucked a few mics around and went for it! Good times!” Brother and drummer Ryan confirms the precarious microphone placement, “With this album, we threw the mics all over the building, left the doors and windows open and pressed record!"

'No Guts. No Glory's’ command to brawl for your beliefs brags 13 infectious, brazen rockers. The record boasts musicianship honed by persistent touring and a greater consideration given to song structure and tempo' . 4 stars, Rolling Stone March 2010

Viel Spass beim reinlauschen.

No Guts No Glory

Quelle: Roadrunner Records
Airbourne im Internet
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