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21.06.2015: Kultiger "Violence" Anime-Clip! (Obituary)
Obituary haben einen extrem coolen Anime-CLip zu "Violence" vom aktuellen "Inked In Blood" Album parat.

The band commented on the video: "We had a blast creating the idea for the video and to watch Balázs animate us was a very cool experience. In the world of modern technology it is easy to shoot a music video with a camera crew and high-tech video equipment but we wanted something different. Something we hope the fans enjoy and understand that Obituary, though we are the godfathers of Florida death metal, don't take themselves too seriously and enjoy having fun. This cartoon is a perfect example of what kind of people we are. Not afraid to kick ass on stage but also not afraid to laugh at ourselves. We know that music is created for fans to enjoy and get away in their mind from the real world for just a few moments at a time and this video we hope makes them smile and laugh with us and at us."

Obituary im Internet
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