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08.03.2016: Deal bei AFM und Infos zur neuen Scheibe. (Flotsam And Jetsam)
Flotsam And Jetsam - Deal bei AFM und Infos zur neuen Scheibe.Flotsam And Jetsam haben beim Deutschen Label AFM Records unterschrieben und werden ihr neues selbstbetiteltes Album am 20. Mai veröffentlichen.

Die Band zum Deal:
"Flotsam and Jetsam really appreciated the fact that AFM laid out a legitimate, business plan for us when they made their offer to sign us. We believe they are as committed to us as a band, as we are to providing them with quality metal to get behind and promote. Along with signing to a new label, all the forward movement for the band in the last two years has also allowed us to partner with new team members; like Chris Collier of CMC21 Productions, who just completed the mixing and mastering of the album and Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art out of the UK, for the album cover and stage production art, who are both doing a phenomenal job for us. We’re looking forward to playing the music on this album live, which hasn’t been a luxury for the band on past releases, as well as debuting our new stage look."

Flotsam And Jetsam Tracklist:
01. Seventh Seal
02. Life Is A Mess
03. Taser
04. Iron Maiden
05. Verge Of Tragedy
06. Creeper
07. L.O.T.D.
08. The Incantation
09. Monkey Wrench
10. Time To Go
11. Smoking Gun
12. Forbidden Territories
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