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16.09.2013: Haben im Archiv unerwartetes Material entdeckt (Heir Apparent)
Gitarrist Terry Gorle ist dabei lange verloren geglaubte Aufnahmen seiner Band HEIR APPARENT zu entstauben. Erste Ergebnisse kann man hier und hier bereits hören.

Terry schreibt dazu auf seiner Facebook-Seite: "...for years I'd thought I had the 2" 24-track master tapes from Graceful Inheritance stored in my garage... so several months ago I made plans to finally transfer everything to digital... then, I searched for them and realized they were nowhere to be found. I was stunned and depressed... A few weeks ago, I asked Tom Hall (our engineer on both albums) if he had any idea what became of them. Tom said he thought they might be part of the collection of tapes he'd saved from the dumpster 5 years ago when Triad closed its doors... and while we were on the phone he began telling me what he was finding as he searched his spare room. It turns out Tom not only had the GI tapes, but much much more! We've just completed transferring everything from 2" to digital, and at some point we'll take care of all the 1/2" and 1/4" tapes as well... Long story shorter, many things that I only believed existed on cassette (that were "denoised" and added to reissued CD's as bonus tracks in the past 14 years - "TRIAD" for instance) are alive and well on 10" reels. My head is still spinning..."

Quelle: powermetal.de
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